Top 10 Digital Marketing Agency in Indonesia

Top 10 Digital Marketing Agency

Dgtraffic Indonesia

This is the first company to become an advertising partner for Google. This company has helped clients to achieve KPI. The company serves a wide range of clients ranging from SMBs to well-known brands. The company provides the best service to all clients with marketing problems. The company is located in the heart of Jakarta. You will get the best digital consultant in the industry. The company has inspired everyone by creating innovations in the digital age. The company also provides professional services with innovative solutions. This is done to improve business performance and growth.

WEBARQ Promote

This is a digital agency located in Jakarta. The company was founded in 2009. The name of this company was previously Web Architect. This company complements the changes that occur in the field of technology and information. The team of this company consists of young professionals who aim to create sophisticated websites with the latest technology, high-quality content, and an eye-catching look. The company is growing rapidly and it is an active result that the digital age wants something creative and modern. It is one of the leading companies that can develop your website. You can grow a new business without any restraint.


The company realizes that marketing has changed. The digital era has entered your life. This is a great opportunity for advertisers but everyone wants content and services that meet their needs. People want services that can be accessed anywhere and anytime. The purpose of this company is to help clients to realize customer desires. The company has more than 45 professionals with the greatest performance. This agent has been working with famous companies in various fields such as insurance, banking, media, travel, and so forth. The company also has the largest SEO team in the country. The team has amazing skills to create the right content. This company not only works with Google but also Facebook.

Inbound ID

This is a pioneer in providing marketing services in Indonesia. The company has high-quality resources and technology to maximize your marketing efforts. The company has become a web expert, social medical enthusiast, designer, and marketer. The company is proud to complete the project from its clients.


This company is an official partner of Google to handle advertising business. The company is strengthened by experts and professional teams to develop the right digital marketing techniques. This company can grow your business using digital marketing platform. The platforms are Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Google. The transparent business model becomes the main focus of this company. The company has won 4 awards as the best Google partner in Asia. There are many famous brands that work with this company such as Toyota, Wardah, BMW, Indosat, and so forth.


The company has built the first online business for SMEs in Indonesia. The company provides technology to market and sell your products with digital technology. The client will get measurable results. These results can be analyzed by this company. This company has connected the business with the best prospects every day.

iClick Media

There may be many people who are not connected to potential customers via the internet. Energy savings are an expensive way for businesses. There are many of your business partners who are duped by advertisements from companies with bad reputations. Your solution is this company. The company is located in Singapore and Indonesia. Online marketing remains a rare activity in 2009 but the company managed to seize the opportunity and achieve the best Google partner in Singapore. The company already has more than 30 staff located in Indonesia and Singapore.

Novaon Ads

The company has a complete service. Google’s advertising program is one of the services used by clients. Google is indeed the most powerful search engine in the world so there are many people who want to showcase business on Google pages. If you are entrusted with marketing to this company, your business ads will appear at the right time on an affordable budget. Your business will be right on target.

Y digital

You cannot market your business with the old method. The company uses new technology without abandoning the right rules of marketing services or products. The company always works with clients in making decisions. Achievement together is the goal of the company.


The company stands in Japan and has a branch office in Indonesia. This company has a good
principle to do marketing. Clients and teams will create good communication to achieve company
goals. This company team always has an innovative way to solve marketing problems.


Google Premier Partner
Google Partner


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