The 4 Different Young Learner Levels at Global Sevilla Preschool Jakarta

Global Sevilla

Global Sevilla – A parent who wants to have an excellent quality of education for young learners to get suitable educational focus can choose preschool as an option. During this time, children can get physical growth, motor development, even emotional changes. Thus, Global Sevilla, as one of qualified preschool Jakarta, creates a right approach for academic purposes. In this case, they provide a specific target with different focuses, depending on their age range.


Four Different Levels of Young Learners at Global Sevilla

Global Sevilla

  1. Toddler to Learn Basic Development Skills

Toddler designs to encourage young learners from age 1.5 to 2.5 years old. It utilizes the creative curriculum for children development. At this stage, children learning at a rapid rate to grow and develop. Not only that, but children at this level also focuses on studying in necessary skills such as distinguishing shapes, color and doing simple counting. For these reasons, this preschool uses the classroom environment in a fun and entertaining way.


  1. Pre-nursery to Learn Sensory Activities

Young learners from the age of 2.5 to 3.5 years old are encouraged to learn sensory fun. It is a transition from toddler playgroup to nursery school. Global Sevilla preschool Jakarta provides pre-nursery level to get variety opportunity for independent and group play. It designed to make the young learners empowered in socially learning. Play materials and activities include; simple art, water, sand, story, pretend play, and even craft activities


  1. Nursery or Preschool

At this level, children from the age of three to four are guided to develop their confidence and also self-awareness. They need to build more verbal skills and creative skills. It makes the young learner able to follow instructions and express their needs. Through rhymes, songs, and playing games, they should be able to develop their listening and speaking skills at the same time. Besides, it will make the children be able to do the thing they hadn’t been able before.


  1. Kindergarten

Global Sevilla preschool Jakarta classified into two levels of kindergarten. The first stage of kindergarten comes at the age of four to five. They need to learn more about their abilities and motor development. They can know the next phase of playing songs and games in a more complicated setting. Meanwhile, kindergarten at level two is required to develop complex skills such as logical thinking and enable to solve the problem.

In conclusion, Global Sevilla preschool provides a different age stage to get the best opportunities in developing children skill by choosing the right level of approach. For instance, a toddler is designed to build up basic skills. While pre-nursery, encourage to learn fun sensory activities. Besides, preschool designed to expand of the self-awareness and confidence.